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About White Owl Originals

A Family Tale

We are a family owned shop nestled in the foothills of Northeast Georgia ran by two sisters and our Mom. We also have a behind the scenes Special Project Coordinator (our Dad) who is kind enough to build whatever we need. Robyn and I love hiking and most anything outdoors and our shop reflects the natural atmosphere of the outdoors.  Robyn's home embroidery and custom heat transfer business has outgrown her home and with Nanna and I crafting jewelry and many other items, we decided to combine. This gave us an opportunity to provide a place outside of our homes for people to find an original gift or have one or hundreds of items embroidered or printed. Though we offer similar items and we are always happy to make you something like our available gifts, none of them can be duplicated. This is where “Original” came into play in our name…you are getting an original…the only one in the world! We also wanted to give the creative person with their own unique ideas a place to go and allow us to make it happen for them and make their own original. The shop is our way of getting to work together and have family time too! It is also a great opportunity to meet you all and for all of those reasons, we are truly grateful. We’d love to meet you soon!

Wendy, Robyn & Mary a.k.a Nanna